Tuesday, January 14, 2003

Oh, Joe

Pop culture schlock Joe $$$ beats out earnest indie rockers in local girl's evening itinerary. As it turns out, the walk to my TV is shorter than my walk to the number #90 bus. I know I'm not alone in bemoaning the rotting of my brain while still being a willing participant. Still, it's hard not to notice how times have changed. Sample conversation between myself and my peers one year ago:

Me: It is preposterous to argue that Russians as a culture have a natural "slave mentality" that craves autocracy. Conditions of history and geography have demanded that national security be a near obsession from the time of the Tartar invasions onward.

Peer #1: You can see in their pre-revolutionary paintings representations of a nascent capitalist system at work in the peasant communes.

Peer #2: To what end standards of beauty?

And the conversation last night:

Me: That Heidi is such a heinous bitch. I mean, hello?

Peer: Oh my God, that girl is totally after his money. I hope she chokes.

Tune in next week, when Zora bitch-slaps MoJo for grabbing Joe $$'s ass under the Arc d'Triomphe!


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