Wednesday, February 05, 2003

America's Future Foundation, Part III (I'm going to stop reading these, they're just making me angry...)

This one's almost beneath contempt. This brilliant theorist has discovered why none of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers or Oakland Raiders voiced their opinions on the impending war with Iraq during Super Bowl time, while professional actors/actresses spout off all the time about it. Is it because they're professional athletes--historically maybe not the most politically engaged group in America? Or maybe because they kind of have other stuff on their minds, like, I don't know, the most important game of their professional careers? Nope! Are you ready? It's cause athletes are conservative. Yep. And why are they conservative? Well that's easy too. It's because they *worked* for their money. They *earned* it. They didn't just have a bunch of it thrown at them for being whiney, emotive leeches on society. They know sweat, and the value of a buck! In summation, this writer "would rather take [his] political cues from men and women whose livelihood is grounded in the real, tangible world [he is] familiar with where hard work equals productivity—and ignore the screams of so-called stars who earn their cash in a world of fantasy and make-believe." Wow, if this guy is familiar in the real, tangible, grounded world of Shaq, Kobe, and Warren Sapp, maybe I should start hanging out at the American Enterprise Institute more often! I could pick up some tips on how the working man lives and get some autographs at the same time.


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