Wednesday, February 12, 2003

I love this guy's comments on Cassandra, er, I mean Camille Paglia's hysterical warnings re: the Columbia disaster = doom for invasion of Iraq.

"This, from a woman who had just finished grousing that "members of the current administration seem to have little sense that there's an enormous, complex world beyond our borders." If only Bush and Powell had Miss Paglia's gift for interpreting that "complex world!" If only they would replace their simplistic approach to foreign relations with a superstitious approach! If only they understood that the people who matter in world affairs are not a collection of capricious, bickering diplomats at UN Headquarters, but a collection of capricious, bickering gods atop a mountain in northern Greece! Why haven't other anti-war critics thought of this angle before? It's crystal clear -- the problem with Dubya is not that he doesn't consult the UN, but that he doesn't consult the College of Augurs!"


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