Friday, February 21, 2003

My goodness, I'm feeling blogalicious today! My output on my blog has surpassed my output on the job by an embarassing factor. Maybe that's because it's Friday, maybe that's because my job is boring, maybe it's because I would promise my first-born to anybody that could put a beer in my hand and a burger in my gullet post haste. Which reminds me for no good reason: baby sister will be 21 in May. May somethingth. She will surely have to call me and remind me. Twenty-freakin'-one. (I will not, I will not, I will not start the next sentence with "Why, I remember..." or "It seems just yesterday..." or "Crappy little internship/scholarship hog! You're one of the little beasts who is edging me out for every interview I want to get!" :) oops) So you'll have to come up to D.C. and let me buy you a drink. But I won't let you stick around too long because I'm sure if you're here two days, someone will come running to offer you gobs of cash or prestigious internships, or perhaps an ambassadorship or two.

Anyway, back on track! This enterprising chap has done a "Fight Club" number on the Homeland Security Dept's guide for Chemical/Biological attack preparedness. (was that a word before the terrorists starting doing bad things to us?) He adds his own little captions to their instructive pictures.


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