Wednesday, February 26, 2003

No brain(er)

Another dumb column by the Post's Ugliest Columnist. (does he remind anyone else of Hanna Barbara's Droopy Dog?) I only read the last paragraph because I was pre-emptively annoyed. But that's all you seem to need to get the point, which is: Tyranny is Bad! People don't like Oppression! and the logical syllogism (is that the right word?):
since Oppression=Bad, and Invasion ends Oppression, then Invasion=Good. Could we possibly, possibly lower the debate to a more elementary level? Here we are, up to our ears in the never-ending Iraq debate, and here's this argument presented as if nobody had ever considered it before. As if there were no other considerations to completely redefining foreign policy and stomping into the world's most notorious wasp's nest. He ends his column with what you know he believes to be the big kicker: how would *you* like to be oppressed?
Holy crap! I never thought of that before! In fact, I would *not* like to be oppressed! And the Iraqis, maybe they don't either! Golly, let's go!


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