Monday, February 10, 2003

Persuasive anti-war insight

Forget my previous complaint that anti-war pundits are short on viable, convincing arguments. While Camille Paglia's recent Salon interview doesn't offer an alternative to military action other than increased inspections, she does contribute to the dialogue an airtight case against invasion:

As we speak, I have a terrible sense of foreboding, because last weekend a stunning omen occurred in this country. Anyone who thinks symbolically had to be shocked by the explosion of the Columbia shuttle, disintegrating in the air and strewing its parts and human remains over Texas -- the president's home state! So many times in antiquity, the emperors of Persia or other proud empires went to the oracles to ask for advice about going to war. Roman generals summoned soothsayers to read the entrails before a battle. If there was ever a sign for a president and his administration to rethink what they're doing, this was it. I mean, no sooner had Bush announced that the war was "weeks, not months" away and gone off for a peaceful weekend at Camp David than this catastrophe occurred in the skies over Texas.

No, that wasn't Sheryl Crow On Foreign Policy. That was Paglia, the "high-profile thinker and writer " who has "no qualms about torching the Parisian academic trends then enthralling Ivy League humanities departments." Puh-lease.


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