Wednesday, February 05, 2003

Why I'm not a republican (America's Future Foundation part II)

Speaking of the America's Future Foundation, here's a recent editorial by one of their writers. Boiled down to the essentials, he argues that liberalism's sense of justice is its flaw. Liberals want to right wrongs, but their cures are often worse than the disease. He gives the Florida recount in the 2000 elections as an example. (But I didn't quite follow how spending time counting ballots to determine the people's will is worse than the specter of an unelected president...) And therein lies the problem. He says that "some injustices are not reparable. Some may be, but the cure is worse than the disease." Even ignoring the odious implication that government should simply preserve the status-quo and do nothing about injustice, the problem with this message is--who decides? Where do you draw the lines between which injustices are irreperable and which are not? Because conservatives draw that line at poverty, inequality, access to health care, (even ballot recounts!) and other issues that I believe are not only reparable, they demand attention. I doubt it is much consolation to the people suffering these inequalities that they are at least escaping excessive government legislation. In my world, it's nothing short of monstrous to believe that such a cure is worse than the disease, and it's a cowardly basis on which to excuse yourself from action. I'll cast my lot in with the envelope-pushers and the reformers any day.


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