Tuesday, February 11, 2003

You are right

Kriston--forgive my skepticism before about the government collecting information on private citizens. I was just reading about Ashcroft and the Justice Department's efforts to draft a "Patriot II" act that would allow them to do whatever the hell they want to private citizens, including stripping them of their citizenship if they are suspected of affiliation with a "terrorist group" as defined by Ashcroft and friends. The part that really gets my blood boiling is when they quote Ashcroft saying things like: "Let history record that we, together -- this people and this generation -- defended freedom in its hour of great danger." The Orwellian dimension of this boggles the mind. I was so riled up, I immediately whipped out my credit card and joined the ACLU. I've always wanted to be a card-carrying member of something.


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