Thursday, March 20, 2003

Assholes of the Day

It seems to me that the defining characteristic of life in Code Orange is not the constant fear of terror so much as HORRIBLE TRAFFIC.
Case in point:
Code Orange #1: Horrendous snowfall hits DC, snow plows are powerless against it, a 4-mile commute takes 2.5 hours all week.
Code Orange #2: Man drives his tractor into a duck pond, effectively shutting down a wide swath of downtown DC for two days and turning K St. into a parking lot.

Now we've finally gotten rid of the tractor guy, and
these ASSHOLES think it would be a good expression of their anti-war sentiment to get on their little bikes and ride around Dupont Circle in order to disrupt morning rush hour.

For those not from the city, Dupont circle has a large liberal, non-profit employee, gay population and most denizens and workers in that area are probably more in agreement with the protesters than with the administration. Furthermore, contrary to popular belief, these humble citizens are not actually the sinister puppet masters behind the machinery of war. So driving your bikes through traffic with the sole purpose of disrupting traffic will only severely piss of a bunch of people who probably agree with you, or at least did agree with you before your parked your little mountain bike on their hoods. Is this a well-thought-out response to American aggression abroad? Will this get your message heard by those who pursue policies you disagree with? Or will this make you look like a bunch of unserious little brats who aren't thinking critically and can effectively be brushed off? Good work kids, you've sabotaged your own message.

I won't say I hope somebody hits you, but I wouldn't mind if you drove yourselves into a duck pond.

Apparently the bike protests also occurred on the Key Bridge (a major artery connecting DC to VA) causing it to be temporarily shut down, and also on Capitol Hill (the only site where it even remotely makes sense). From the Wash Post:
Organizers called it a success. "I think we got the word out to people in D.C. that we are not all united for a war," said Shirts Off organizer Virginia Rodino, 27.

Ms. Rodino must have a low opinion of the intelligence of DC citizens if she thinks that this is news to them. You got the word out alright, honey, only I don't think it was the one you were thinking of.


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