Thursday, March 20, 2003

The Best Way to Solve Problems is to Not Have Enemies

From the fount of foreign policy knowledge that came up with that forward-thinking solution, we have another little gem.
Via the NY Post's Page Six:
When befuddled celebs strain their brains trying to make political statements, hilarity ensues. Appeasement-loving pop star Sheryl Crow wrote a rant against the war in Iraq for her Web site the other day, in which she praised "a great writer at the New York Times by the name of Daniel Friedman" for "asking many questions that beg to be asked." The most important question is, of course, "Who on earth is Daniel Friedman?" The equine songstress was probably thinking of war-fearing Times scribe Thomas Friedman.

She was also probably not aware that Friedman has been supporting the war in Iraq, and only recently having reservations about this administration's ability to effectively carry it out.

Sheryl Crow needs to just go ahead and have some fun until the sun comes up over Santa Monica Boulevard, and quit discrediting the serious-thinking dissenters by association.


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