Wednesday, March 19, 2003

Fun with French!

Fear not, this is not another Freedom joke! Stealing an idea from The Poorman, I decided to try running one of my posts through a free translator. I took the first half of yesterday's Hitchens post, translated it into French, and then back to English again. The result:

There low it is, appears neglected and messed the hair as never. The supple hairs, no game any, no eyes of bloodshot that the one take to wonder nature of the clear containers of his numb one.. I think that I lacked his monologue opening, because I saw that all the other panelists delivers their harangue and not him. But well that it was [far also] well behaved yesterday evening, there was a couple the good moments of Hitchens, such as when it declared that it was not opposed to the oil mention "as if this were some horriblely physiquement secretion." And when Robert Scheer brought in high Marx in to pass (" the etait Marx that said 'Relgion is the opium of the masses?")

Ha ha, those stupid French can't speak English no good!


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