Tuesday, March 11, 2003

A great article (via Kriston) on the retarded, politically motivated, morally deviant bill working its way through congress that would ban all cloning. The money quote:

When the microscope was first invented, embryologists claimed to see teeny-weeny people in the heads of the spermatozoa. Some modern politicians sound as if they share the same view, but modern science sees an embryo as a potential life or a blueprint for life. To say that a blueprint is a human being, says Caplan, is like saying that the lumber and nails at Home Depot are a house.

and of course:

Those who oppose this research talk ruefully about "creating a life to destroy it," but what about saving a life? Does the value of an embryo in a petri dish trump that of a child with a spinal cord injury in a wheelchair?

I find it appalling that patients suffering from diseases could potentially become victims of Roe v. Wade political wrangling. The priorities here are so out of whack it makes me ill. It's going to be a harder sell in the senate, so there's still hope that rationality can win out. Retards.


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