Tuesday, March 11, 2003

Holocaust Revisionist and all-around Nice Guy

Minnesota State Representative Arlon Linder is in hot water for comments he recently made denying that gays had been persecuted in the Holocaust. He's in hot water, but he should be scalded. This was part of his argument against the state legislature passing any measures that would protect gays and lesbians as specific groups--apparently, such legislation would turn America into "another African continent," what with the Gay Plague and all. My friend, who just happens to be a gay man living in Minnesota, passed along the letter he wrote to Rep. Linder. Here it is:

Dear Mr. Lindner:

I find your recent remarks and disgraceful oversight
of history far beyond "troubling", as Governor
Pawlenty has said.

To my surprise, you seem to be educated; a degree from
North Texas and Seminary here in Minneapolis. I would
expect no less than extreme tolerance, patience,
kindness and love with anyone who associates
themselves with the Christian faith.

You, however, have shamed our state and your community
by speaking out on a topic where you have little
knowlege or understanding. Perhaps you need to do
more reading, sir. Or perhaps you should spend time
with gays and lesbians, who do wonderful things every
day to make Minneapolis, Saint Paul, and so many other
communities more vibrant, liveable and loveable.

To speak loudly about something you know very little
of does very little to promote your image as a
statesman, unless your goal is simply grandstanding
along with the likes of our former governer, Jesse
Ventura. He had one up on you, though, he tended to
stick up for people's rights, not to belittle them and
make them feel less of themselves.

But I've made my point. You have much reading to do
about history, religion, and tolerance, and that's
just the beginning!

But, if you are hell-bent on being racist, ignorant
and loud, do yourself and all of us in Minnesota a
favor: go back down to Texas, where ignorance runs
more freely than here in this great state; and don't
let the door hit you on the way out.

Minneapolis Resident and Native Texan


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