Friday, March 14, 2003

Hush, hush

I'm still glowing from the amazing Rainer Maria show at the Black Cat last night. I'm changing my answer for Celebrity I Most Want to Be from Claire Danes to Caithlin de Marrais. Though she's not exactly a celebrity, I guess. It was by far the most exciting, energetic show I've seen in ages. Now, they have made a video for "Ears Ring" (and yes, they do, I was standing far too close to the speakers). According to Polyvinyl:

We are very pleased to announce the completion of the video for Rainer Maria's "Ears Ring"! The video is live and ready to view at Supposedly if it gets enough downloads, they might put it on the tell a friend or four!

In other words, whatever you do, do not tell anyone about this video. If Rainer Maria starts playing on MTV and somehow attracting hordes of Avril and Limp Bizkit fans, I'm going to kill myself. But I'm not too worried. As Kriston pointed out, there is no way that a video loosely based on Sartre's "No Exit" is going to resonate with the MTV demographic. Not until they release the Ears Ring remix featuring Kelly Rowland, I guess...


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