Monday, March 24, 2003

There's some noise going on about how our news stations are criticizing Al Jazeera for broadcasting images of American POWs, even as they broadcast images of Iraqi POWs. Apparently, there's some part of the Geneva Convention that bars th airing of POW images. Neal Pollack, in the guise of his satirical "character" (*cough*andrew sullivan*cough*) easily
explains this apparent contradiction.

The Geneva Accords specifically state that it's illegal to air photographed images of POWs for propaganda purposes, unless, and I quote, "the images were taken by television cameramen embedded with military units of the invading country." Further, the Accords state that if the POWs are taken by the "army of a cruel, repressive tyrant, as opposed to a benign democracy run by good Christians," then the soldiers who took them are war criminals who can be tortured and executed in secret. Americans came to Iraq to "fix broke stuff." Maybe the antiwar defecators in San Francisco should chew on that for a while.


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