Tuesday, April 08, 2003

Air Wesley

Since he was coming to visit ME, I'd like to take the credit for Kriston's serendipitous run-in with my new celebrity crush, General Wesley Clark.
I was sitting in my apartment when the phone call came:
K - Susan.
S - Where are you? What travel disaster has befallen you this time?
K - I'm in Dallas. I don't know how to tell you this. But both your boyfriends are coming up to DC to visit you.
S - [oh shit. who on earth has he run into at DFW and why for the love of God is he bringing him to DC?] Um...[sweetly, nervously]...what?
K - Your other boyfriend. He's coming up to DC with me.
S - [thinking hard, but still fairly convinced that I remembered to break up with all previous beaus] Um...who?
K - Come on, think about it.
S - [The light dawning, the voice shrill] OMIGOD is Wesley Clark there? Oh, get his autograph, oh tell him to write me a note, oh take his picture, is he tall??

Sure enough, Kriston was on the same flight as Gen. Clark, and even managed to squeeze in some conversation (and a photo-op) with him that revealed the following information:
1. He is not tall at all. (We'll need to wait for the photographic evidence to confirm this, as I suspect Kriston might have been wanting to downplay the manly virtues of the good General.)
2. The 101st Airborn Division is a world-class outfit.
3. A smart young man like Kriston really ought to enlist in the service. (And very nearly did, as a result of him having never taken suggestions from a 4-star general before, and being understandably eager to please.)

Questions left unanswered include: are you running for president? and what are you doing Friday night?


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