Monday, April 28, 2003

And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Our Own Nosebleeds

So the Delgados were recently playing in DC, and a couple of souls on this message board I read were congratulating themselves on their fine heckling at the show. Well, the Delgado's diary revealed that the band was less than amused by those "humourless and patter-free cunts," and also revealed an amusing story about Austin's Own: Trail of Dead:

Got to the show at the Black Cat, a club owned incidentally, by Mr Dave Grohl. Speaking of Mr Grohl, I have to say how much I’m totally loving the new Queens Of The Stone Age album. I’ve got a fucking great story about the QOTSA by the way…apparently they were touring with And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead and two shows into the tour, AYWKUBTTOD had been smashing up their gear (as per normal) after every show but had been hitting the QOTSA’s gear while they were at it. As they happened to use really expensive old amps and pedals and shit, Josh Homme had pulled one of them aside after the second show and told them under no uncertain terms, that they had to cut that shit out or there would be trouble. Needless to say, the poor souls let it rip again the following night, in flagrant breach of their gentlemens’ agreement and, rather than discussing the matter any further, Josh simply went up to the lead singer and without a single word, knocked the fucker out. That, my friends, is hard as fuck.



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