Friday, April 18, 2003

Austin rocks

Last night was the Trail of Dead/America is Waiting show at the Black Cat here in DC. Although not into either band, I considered going just to represent the home town. Instead, I watched Funniest Game Show Moments Part II and knocked off at 10:30. I'm hardcore that way. Anyway, I sometimes read a local music forum/message board thingy, and was curious to see what the DC crew thought about the Austin gang. It was a much-anticipated show among the forum-participants. Verdicts are still coming in, but so far the trend seems to be: Trail of Dead is God's gift to ROCK, and America is Waiting

Some comments (reprinted entirely without permission:)

"I thought it was an excellent show. Great intensity -- no pretention. The show inspired me to knock over a few newspaper boxes on the way to my car. Grrrrrrrrrr.
I haven't heard the new EP, but I thought the new stuff sounded pretty good."

"The first act last night (America is Waiting) exhibited what's wrong with bands that take themselves too seriously. They come off as pretentious and overweening wankers. Give me a group that rocks hard and has fun while they're doing it and I'll walk away happy nearly every time."

As for me, I can only give Funniest Game Show Moments Part II the highest recommendation. Almost better than Part I, methinks.


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