Tuesday, April 29, 2003

But for some other reason, people don't tend to forget your penchant for throwing innumerable interceptions in big games, or that sensitive finger that takes you to the sidelines

Draft day becomes longest day for Simmses, father and son

"I just want to show all those people," Chris Simms told the Tampa Bay news media Saturday night, referring to the teams that passed him up and to the draft experts, "that they really have no idea what they're talking about. For some reason, people tend to forget I led the Big 12 in passer rating three years in a row and that I was 26-5 as a starter."

Keep saying that to yourself, Chris, just keep saying that.
Better still, is this cryptic and ambiguous quote from Daddy dearest:

"Going to the Bucs puts a good spin on it," Phil Simms said, "but that's not going to take away the hurt. It was a long day. All the phone calls from so many teams that were so positive. But the disappointing thing is that I know where Christopher stacks up as a quarterback. I played it. I watch it. I teach it all the time. I know the pluses and minuses of all the quarterbacks in this draft. I know it probably more than most of the NFL people."

Yes, Phil, you do know where Chris stacks up. And you're a smart man to leave it at that. You could have a career ahead of you here in Washington.


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