Friday, April 11, 2003

I was wondering what happened to those human shields that went over to Baghdad to save the day. I read an article yesterday, and for the love of God, I cannot remember where, but it mentioned how almost all of the British human shield volunteers had returned home before the bombing began in earnest. But from this report, it looks like a few stuck it out. Can you imagine the *nerve* it takes to come up to a marine and pull this act:

Some American and European "human shields" were there, antiwar activists who had come to Baghdad and placed themselves in front of power plants and other potential targets. They chastised the Marines for attacking Iraq and promoting war.

That angered some of the soldiers. "I didn't bury two of my fellow Marines just so someone like that could call us murderers," said one, angry and teary, referring to an Iraqi artillery attack that killed two of his colleagues on Monday. "They died for this country."

Take your beef to George W., take it to Rumsfeld, take it to Perle, and the other cowards that call the shots far from harm's way. But when you start vilifying the soldiers, most of whom just got involved to have a job or save up for college, you lose all credibility in my book.


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