Friday, April 25, 2003

Poll: New Yorkers favor Bush over Dems.

Can this be true? How? I have that same incredulous feeling that I get when one of my girlfriends insists she's going to stay with her abusive, parole-violating boyfriend despite having the entirety of human reason and rationality stacked against her. I mean, really! If there's one state that's been royally fu*&^d by Bush, it's New York. The budget cuts have hit them harder, the unemployment in the city is worse than the national average, the promised financial aid after 9/11 didn't an out, and the burden of extra security measures has put NYC in an impossible money pinch that in turn puts NY State in a pinch.

I can just hear Karl Rove rubbing his greasy palms together and saying with a leer, "Yeah, but they like it." Gross.


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