Wednesday, April 09, 2003

What he said.

Here are two things that sum up my feelings for the day. Which is really lovely because this way I don't have to write nothing.
First, a cartoon:

and then this rant from The Poorman:
Daylight savings time is such fucking bullshit. It's all like "hey, here's a free hour of sleep in the autumn. You get to sleep, while at the same time preserving endangered daylight." And then you have a lovely late morning, and then life goes on through the winter to the spring, and all of a sudden the DST shows up again and is all like "BAM! Now it's time to pay the motherfucking piper, motherfucker!" and kicks you out of bed at some unholy hour of the night masquerading as 7AM, and sends you off to work or school or the methadone clinic or wherever like a fucking zombie with the I Got Up Way Too Fucking Early thousand yard stare. I've got a delicate constitution anyway, being kind of a Percy Bysshe figure, typing away here in my laudenum swoon, and I think this daylight savings bullshit has permanently fucked me.



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