Monday, April 21, 2003

Yo la Tengo, Saturday night

Some observations:
-What great musicians. These guys know their way around their instruments, and are able to pull off remarkably subtle and complex sounds.
-What ugly musicians. These guys do not know their way around a closet. Not even tastefully mussy. Everyone was decked out in your Mom's gardening duds.
-Old Yo la Tengo songs: Lovely sound, powerful performances, this is $17 well spent.
-New Yo la Tengo songs: I did not remember seeing Phish on the schedule. Has this song been going on for 30 minutes? I want my $17 back.
-Most prescient reminder that I am a big pansy: When the nice Nigerian cab driver escorting me home quietly inquired as to where I would be worshipping the following morning, seeing as how it was Easter sunday and all. Rather than reply, "I don't really go to church so much these days" or "I'm basically apatheistic," I instantly (while utterly loathing myself) said, "Uh. Mass. Catholic...mass."
"Yes, but where," he prodded.
"oh, uh...."
"Do you go to St. Stephens? St. Benedicts?"
"Our Lady of the Dipshits" I want to say, already hearing my measley reply: "Oh. St. Stephens. That's the closest, I think."
In response, he got completely lost.


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