Tuesday, May 20, 2003

Basketball Diaries

Welcome back to your spot for insightful post-game analysis in the 2003 NBA playoff series. Since last night's game was the first I've watched all year, I feel that I bring a fresh, unbiased viewpoint to the table. Now. On to My Thoughts:

--Mattie is peeved that the Mavs basically won due to their free throw shooting since they were pretty weak from the floor. The paint. I agree that it would be frustrating, but when you're playing a team with the top FT percentage in the NBA, you can't give them that chance. Yes, the refs were calling the game tight, but the Spurs should have picked up on that in the first quarter and adjusted accordingly. How do you continue to play aggressively and not foul a lot? I have no idea. Like I said, this is the first game I watched all season, and I actually caught myself yelling "C'mon Texas" throughout the game. Specify, Sue, specify!

--It is hard to feel good about a Mavs victory when that poor Tim Duncan looks so sad! He gets this look on his face like you just broke up with him while he's holding a bouquet of flowers behind his back. You feel like you're kicking a puppy dog. I caught myself cheering, and then I'd see his sad wittle face and feel like giving him a hug.

--The Spurs seem like a classy team. After the first quarter they were talking to that B guy who was being hacked and sent to the FT line. He wasn't being snide about the Mav's unattractive tactic, he just said something like "They're doing the right thing. My stats are bad for free throws." And when the reporter asked him why he was leading the NBA in 3-pointers but couldn't hit it an uncontested 15-footer, he just said "If I knew the answer to that, maybe i wouldn't shoot so bad." Awwwww! Hugs, hugs. For all those guys.

--The Mavs all seem like nice guys too.

--How *old* is David Robinson by now? He still plays? Shouldn't he be golfing or something?

This has been post-game analysis by SueandNotU.

Final thoughts:
I was watching a CNN interview with the first female Supreme Court Justice, you-know-who, and they hadn't flashed her name across the screen yet. I was wracking my brain trying to remember her name as it had slipped my mind. I was mumbling "Rehnquist, Scalia, and the swing vote of -------" uh, I knew it was three names, and all I could come up with was Supreme Court Justice Sarah Jessica Parker. Can you imagine? Sex in the 5th Circuit? Dolce & Gabbana robes? Cosmos during oral argument? Pathetic. Finally they flashed her name across the bottom and I felt mildly stupid, but really, Sandra Day O'Connor is pretty similar-sounding.

I think I have single-handedly set feminism back 25 years with this ridiculous post of mine. So I'll redirect you now. Go see Kriston and give him some love. He's feeling bad.


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