Thursday, May 29, 2003

disappointed plan

Blew my chance to see Dismemberment Plan play their farewell show in their hometown. Why? Reasons are twofold:
1) Am too dense to assume that extravagantly popular D.C. band might sell out their hometown farewell show.
2) Despite having an inkling re: sell-out, am too cheap to pay ticketmaster fees.

Then, blew my chance at securing D.C. sugar daddy. (because I'm deliriously happy in satisfying relationship) After walking fifteen minutes to the bus stop, then riding bus for fifteen minutes, then walking for five minutes, then arriving at club and seeing wild packs of kids foraging for scarce resources (D-plan tickets), I stopped in at a local bar for a beer so the evening would not be a total waste. I even had my "don't talk to me" armor prepared. I always carry a book with me so that when I go to bar/cafe/show alone, no one will be inclined to approach me because, frankly, I hate strangers. But my Alabama (the band, not the school) shirt was more magnetic than the repelling power of my book, and gentleman in suit approached to discuss the merits of this supergroup.

OLD GUY IN SUIT: You're an Alabama fan?
MOI: Um. Sure.
OGIS: Boy, don't see those shirts around much anymore.
MOI: Nope.
OGIS: You remember their 40 Acres tour? [unsure if that was name of tour. know nothing about alabama, and wasn't concentrating on conversation.]
MOI: Sure don't.
OGIS: [chortle, chortle] Yes, I suppose that was before your time! You're too young for that!
MOI: [internally] ergo, you are far too old to be pulling this juvenile crap at a bar. I must have looked an easy target, as in 'that unattractively dressed young lady must be desperate'
OGIS: blah blah blah blah blah classical piano blablah north carolina blah blah journalism
MOI: glug, glug, glug, glug
OGIS: Want to go downstairs? It's very nice.
MOI: Can't. My boyfriend is being released from prison tonight and he gets very jealous if I'm not home waiting. I'm out.

Shame on me. Need to drastically hone sugar-daddy-securing techniques or will never get a dream job.

DISCLAIMER : I am not looking for a sugar daddy. I am in a perfectly happy, living-on-love, poverty-stricken relationship where we gaze dreamily at each other and eat Slim Jims. However. I have a cutie pie little sister that will be joining me in the district in the fall, and she might be taking applications. [sueandnotu ducks to avoid flying cyber projectiles flung from Erik]


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