Friday, May 16, 2003

From Andrew Sullivan today:

BLAIR'S AMEX: Two days after he quit the New York Times, Jayson Blair, whose credit cards were all maxed out and who used national editor Jim Roberts' card for expenses, somehow paid off a $3853 American Express bill. Whence the sudden infusion of money?

Or more importantly: Who gives a rat's ass?
It is true that this whole Jayson Blair story has utterly, miserably failed to capture my interest other than the fleeting, "Huh. What do you know. That guy really screwed up." I understand why some people might be interested in exposing/denying hypocrisy or discrimination or SOMETHING juicy at the NYT, but I'm emphatically not one of them. And I'm emphatically-times-ten not interested in how or why this loser pays of his credit card bill. I want to shake Andrew Sullivan and anyone else interested in this story by their lapels and demand: "Do you really care how he paid of his American Express? I mean really??? And if so, why don't you give your head a good shake, knock loose some of the crap, and go read a book. Take a walk. Listen to some music. See a play. Do something with your brief, precious time on this earth more rewarding than wondering HOW SOME GUY YOU DON'T KNOW PAID OFF HIS CREDIT CARD BILL lest you find yourself, god forbid, on some hospital bed wondering why you wasted your life."

I don't want to have to say this again.


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