Wednesday, May 14, 2003

Hail to tha Thief

Via Pitchfork, Radiohead announces the track listing for the new album, and releases the cover art. All tracks will have two titles, for some reason:
Hail To The Thief/The Gloaming:
01 2+2=5/The Lukewarm
02 Sit Down Stand Up/Snakes & Ladders
03 Sail To The Moon/Brush the Cobwebs Out Of The Sky
04 Backdrifts/Honeymoon Is Over
05 Go To Sleep/Little Man Being Erased
06 Where I End And You Begin/The Sky Falling In
07 We Suck Young Blood/Your Time Is Up
08 The Gloaming/Softly Open our Mouths In The Cold
09 There There/The Boney King of Nowhere
10 I Will/No Man's Land
11 A Punch Up At A Wedding/No No No No No No No No
12 Myxamatosis/Judge, Jury & Executioner
13 Scatterbrain/As Dead As Leaves
14 A Wolf At The Door/It Girl. Rag Doll

And the cover art:
[let's hope it sticks this time...]


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