Monday, May 05, 2003

I is a poet

Sueandnotu, run through a Random Poetry generator:

greasy palms together
and political revolutions were
finally heard, and I mean, really! seen pictures
of Long as in the officer
corps, if one of a talk about a
great story
but despite having applied for a
young woman
named James Frey
tired of the raving loony
howling torrent
of bitching and
if your MetroCard
turns out
Santorum: that he writes
as one might
mention something that, if you are
talking rule in which no
posted by a differenceThis is
Mine!Karma has order, kept by
an amusing story
about the student union.

Better still, I give you The Grammar Police, sent through The Shizzolater:

And Then There Was X2

Frankly, da movie owned." Pure 'n simple, know what I'm sayin'? I'll go on record as saying that I winced through da original ("What happens when a toad gets struck by lightning?" Worse than any line from a Star Trek movie) n' shit. Kevin has that shiznit right when tha dude be like that X2 made X-Fools look like a made-fo'-Televizzle movie."

After seeing da movie, which owned, we talked a bit 'bout da comic-book movie bubble n' shit. It's hard be like if that shiznit's really at its zenith right now: X2 will pull in Ft n' shit. Knox at da theatres, 'n 'bout as much in Porno Disc sales; Spider-Man 2 will probably top X2, 'n then yo' ass can expect another sequel fo' each after that n' shit.


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