Wednesday, May 28, 2003

News Item! Bravo is planning to launch a gay-themed reality dating show called "Boy Meets Boy." I am certain that I will watch it, though I'm skeptical as to whether it will be more engaging than my current favorite reality show, America's Next Top Model. (It's on UPN for some reason, and mixes bible-beater models with atheist indie-rock models and is so much better than Sorority Life.)

The usual suspects, of course, are up in arms. The fun party people over at the Traditional Values Coalition plan to protest the series. Says Andrea Lafferty, the group's executive director, "Clearly they've hit a new low. What's next after 'Boy Meets Boy'? 'Boy Meets Sheep'?"

Oooh! Boy Meets Sheep! Way to integrate the Santorum slippery-slope talking points, you NARROW-MINDED BIGOT. Besides. She ought to know the reality TV demographic better. I would so watch 'Boy Meets Sheep.'


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