Thursday, May 01, 2003

Northwestern Students Against Bar

When I was a freshman at Northwestern, there was a great deal of bitching and moaning (sometimes coming from someone other than me) about the lack of a nightlife in Evanston. You could hear a pin drop in the town post-8pm, and nobody ever wanted to take the short el ride to Chicago. Strict laws in Evanston forbade establishments such as pool halls, or 24-hr dining establishments from setting up shop. Some folks publicly called for beer to be served in the student union. This was laughable to me, as beer was hardly served in the town. However, today I was looking for some Northwestern-bashing fodder (didn't have to go far), and I found in
this editorial that students' demands were finally heard, and a bar is slated to open up in the dismally depressing structure that passes for a student union. Problem? The students are against it. They complain that it's a stupid idea, because anybody who wants to drink can just go into Chicago or another Evanston venue. I think about my bartending days at the ol' Cactus and this reasoning boggles my mind. Don't they *see*? You can drink during the day! You can meet professors there for a beer! You can have a shot to calm your nerves before a presentation! You can have live music play in the evenings and have a drink while watching! Bar=good, in almost any conceivable formulation! What's so hard about that one? These fancy private school kids with their book-learnin'....


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