Friday, May 30, 2003

Paul Krugman is dumb today. "Hey, remember that movie 'Wag the Dog'? Where they use a war to distract from domestic scandals? That's like what the Bush administration is doing!"

Okay, yawn. Is he totally forgetting the obvious point here? The fact that everyone was noting the eerie reality of this movie when it came out, seeing as how it just preceded the Clinton Administration? And seeing how the movie's president has just been involved in a sex scandal that he covers up by bombing some country people aren't that familiar with? And seeing how Clinton ordered the bombing of Sudan and Afghanistan almost precisely on the day that his grand jury testimony was set to begin? And then bombed Iraq right when the impeachment hearings started?

Of course I'm not saying Clinton did this for the reasons in the movie, but it's a far better comparison and one that has been made ad nauseum, and it's embarassing for Krugman to essentially say: "Look! Bush did it too!"


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