Friday, May 23, 2003

Via Salon, Republican Senate hopeful Mark Foley refuses to answer questions about his sexuality. It seems this is an issue that has followed him for years in the Florida legislature. This of course brings out interesting questions regarding how much we have a right to know about our elected officials. My take on it is that there is no such right regarding a legislator's sexuality, and I don't know that many people would argue otherwise. Obviously, his views on homosexuality in public policy are far more significant than whether or not he is one. His views on anything in public policy are far more significant, and his sexual orientation is not something that would color his political views in such a way that necessitates the public's right to know.

That said, while I don't care whether or not he is gay, I admit I'm personally curious as to why he's keeping it quiet. The public assumption will of course be that he is gay, and it would a strangely noble position for a straight man to be involved in this debate in order to make a point about privacy. If he is gay and keeping it quiet, it's too bad that he doesn't feel comfortable enough with himself or his party to go public. But of course it's his business, and I'm kind of glad to have somebody put a foot down and insist on a sphere of privacy. Now if somebody would do that about religion and refuse the call to proclaim themselves born-again.


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