Friday, June 20, 2003

Donald "Tact on legs" Rumsfeld opened his big fat mouth again and pissed off D.C. officials by suggesting "that the homicide rate in Baghdad is lower than that in the nation's capital."

I note that this statement from Rumsfeld coincides unpleasantly with the beginning of the "City Living, DC Style!" campaign that is intended to attract "hip, new residents" to the district. Somewhere, some PR executive just cut his wrists. "Only slightly more murders than Baghdad!" is not a glowing testimonial.

City delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton wrote to Rumsfeld:
"Your remarks are particularly injurious to our citizens here," she wrote. "D.C. residents are risking their lives in Iraq, even though District citizens have no voting representation in the House and no representation at all in the Senate, and even though our residents are second per capita in federal income taxes."

Hey! That's right! We all sit here in the nation's capital with no more rights than the citizens of Guam, but higher taxes, CRAPPIER weather, a murder rate that is apparently worse than a war-torn nation, AND our own Secretary of Defense is mocking us? Good Lord, somebody get me a donut. It's not a good day when Rumsfeld says "Hey Iraqis, you've got it rough, but come on. It's not like it's D.C."


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