Monday, June 23, 2003

Everything is Going Wrong!

I was going to use this space to make a short catalog of Everything That is Going Wrong in the world, when stymied by a grammatical conundrum. Damn. What a great last half of a sentence. ahem. sorry. Can things go wrong? Can wrong be an adverb? You wouldn't say "things are going wrongly." Perhaps I should say "Everything is Going Poorly!" but that doesn't quite get the indignation across. "Everything is Going to the Shitter!" crossed my mind, but, eh, it just seems a bit old man-ish for my taste.

And now that I've gone through all that trouble, I no longer have the energy to catalog all the Things Going Wrong(ly). You know them anyway. Israelis and Palestinians. John Ashcroft. Bus fares up $0.10.

But here's one you maybe didn't know. In Russia, Putin's Press Ministry just shut down TVS and replaced it with state-controlled all-sports channel. According to the Moscow Times:
TVS was the last private national channel, and its closure gives the Kremlin a monopoly on the airwaves ahead of December's parliamentary elections and the March presidential vote.

This is all not terribly surprising, given Putin's record, and the TVS chief's Spidey Senses are telling him something is a bit funny: ""I have a persistent feeling
that the events are guided by somebody's evil will."

Yevgeny, I feel that way ALL the time. All the time.

You know, I tried to take care of this problem. My Fulbright research proposal involved the imperiled independent media sector but alas, they seemed to believe that this wasn't necessary, and now you see what they get? I expect an apology forthcoming from the Moscow Fulbright Commission any day.


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