Tuesday, June 10, 2003

Forbes magazine, which clearly has its finger on the pulse of America far more than the questionable Men's Journal, has dubbed Austin #1 in its Best Cities For Singles poll. Austin garnered high points for Cool factor, but fared at bit worse on "culture."

I know that rampantly single smokin'-hot Matty may be distressed to hear that Austin is as good as it gets, but the article does note that 57% of Austin males are single. So just chalk it up to all the competiiton.

To my surprise, the DC Metro area came in 4th, scoring high points for culture, nightlife, and singles. But it appears I'm not the only one to underestimate what I guess are DC's charms:
So what prevents the metro from winning our ranking every year? The reader poll. Unlike other cities that finish on the top of our ranking, the Washington metro elicits a ho-hum response from its own residents. Some complain of the singles scene being too snooty, careerist and politically charged. Both men and women say there is a dearth of the opposite sex. Maybe they just don't know how good they have it.

No home-team pride. Reminds me of highschool.


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