Tuesday, June 24, 2003

Found via a complicated web of links and what-not: Ten Modest Proposals to Help Ann Coulter Get a Date.

This is actually a Salon article from a few years ago, but appropriate for the times now that the Right-Wing Wacko has started her own blog somewhere. Apparently Mizz Coulter was whining about her inability to find dates in D.C. The writer, a Mister Thor Hesla of the District of Columbia, has some useful suggestions that include:

--Quite injecting yourself with your own urine
--Have a beer
--Quit being white (with a hilarious diatribe on the fact that there are a LOT of people in DC who are not white and do not behave as the men she desribes behave. "Ann, if Washington had the demographics that you ascribe to it, it would have two senators all its own, and a real live congressman who could vote. Because if it were white, Republicans would give a ... ")
--Blow this sentence up on a photocopier and tape it next to your refrigerator:
"Men Don't Want to Date Castrating Bitches Who Make Their Livings Peddling Tales of Male Weakness."

It is HI-LARIOUS. Go read.


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