Wednesday, June 18, 2003

Looks like All of Canada will eventually allow gay marriages. And Tony Blair is introducing a bill that will grant full marriage rights to gays in England (though they won't call it marriage) within the year. This is going to be an interesting issue for the United States, who has always recognized marriages performed in Canada. Will they change the laws to make a specific exception for same-sex marriages? What about other countries? Could an American marry a Frenchman in Canada and then get French citizenship through marriage laws? Canada really opened a can of worms for the world. Ha. Ha.

And as Andrew Sullivan notes, both Blair and Chretien are Christians. But there is room in their Christianity for human dignity and equality, not to mention adherence to rights outlined in their respective constitutions. Americans, and those American Christians who use their faith as an excuse to disenfranchise a group of people, and those legislators who pander to this element in society, ought to be ashamed.

I wish I had the pride of saying that my country was on the vanguard of this important progressive change, but instead I just hope they don't miss the boat entirely.


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