Wednesday, June 25, 2003

Men and women sure are different! vol. II

I'm working on a hypothesis that runs like this:
Ladies night at the gay bar = boy's night out?

You see, I've been thinking about women and gay bars, and how women love going to gay bars when they want a fabulous night out with their girlfriends free of any testosterone assaults. (DISCLAIMER: Do not feel maligned, male readers. Women do sometimes want to go out and meet men. I am only referring to certain women and the occassional mood of not-wanting-men-to-talk-to-them. For me this mood is always, but I know I am abnormal in this.) The appeal is obvious and hardly needs stating: chartreuse/fuschia colored drinks + girlfriends + non-threatening men + no body image anxiety/paranoia/competition = fun night out. This is not rocket science.

I heard a story some years back and scoured the web for an article about it. Apparently, in response to rising urban crime and domestic abuse problems, the quirky Mayor of Bogota declared an official Ladies Night Out. As part of this social experiment, for one night all men were subject to a curfew, and lady police officers sent home any errant knaves. A sort of vigilante police force, "crowds of women and girls took over bars and restaurants and chanted "Go home!" to men they saw." There was practically zippo crime for the evening, and I remember listening to women rave about the wonders of just one night on the town without the complication of men. (Of course, this can only work in occassional one-night spurts, as women ultimately *do* like having men around. Sometimes.)

But this is all a convoluted way to get to my first hypothesis. So - when women have "ladies nights" it is a time for them to enjoy each others' company and ignore for one evening the presence of men. Do men have something similar? When you go on "guys nights," are you essentially doing the same thing, or are you still looking to find a lady? Or does it just depend on the guy? Is there ever a time that you all want to get together and not have to worry about being nervous or uncomfortable or pressured to get a phone number? Do you get in that mood but never express it, lest your friends call you a [female genitalia]?

I guess it boils down to this:
Do men ever want to get the hell away from women?

Corrections: Do SINGLE men ever want to get the hell away from women? I have no doubt that attached men very much want to get the hell away from women now and then...


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