Tuesday, June 10, 2003

More good news for SueAndNotU!

From Salon: Light drinking may cut diabetes risk.

I used to tell my diabetic former-roommate to keep her diseased germs away from me and throw sugar packets at her to ward her off. Now I know I was practicing a natural, homeopathic defense against her cooties! Yaayyyy! (don't feel too bad for her. she's been scattering hypodermic insulin needles in my car for years and years. she's just lucky I never got pulled over by any snoopy cops.)

(has anybody noticed the plethora of "studies" recently proving that booze is good for all kinds of health reasons? methinks somebody at anheuser busch has been administering research grants to scientists, and I'm all for it.)

(is it dumb to use a bunch of parantheses in a row? am I whispering or something? what the hell?)


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