Monday, June 23, 2003

A new perspective

I have watched Sex and the City backwards forwards upside down, but never until last night have I watched it with real, live single women in their mid-30s. I was always sure that the show provided quality entertainment, but now I am convinced it provides a much-needed public service. Lord help them when the season ends...

Office poll:
--Does Charlotte marry Dr. Evil?
--Will their wedding cost ONE MILLION DOLLARS?
--Does Aidan leave his new wife for hot vixen Carrie?
--Could he be cuter?
--In past episodes Miranda has had male ejaculate in her hair, now feces on her forehead. What other unpleasant substances will grace Miranda's face?
--Does Samantha age gracefully, slipping quietly into the dark embrace of menopause?
--Or does she rage, rage against the dying of the light?
--Seriously, why is Charlotte dating the Egg-man? I missed this story-line.


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