Friday, June 27, 2003

News Item of the Day

Sorry for the previous. Sodomy law is so yesterday. DC politics yawn yawn. Telemarketer evasion - useful, but blogworthy? Doubtful. So I make it up to you with this breaking story from the Wide World of Sports for Dorks:

High-brow New Yorkers lose out to leftist radicals in biggest softball coup since Liberal Arts Council beat Business Council back in ought one. Or, as Gawker puts it, "surely one of the most excruciatingly overintellectualized softball games ever played in Central Park."

The post-game summary:
June 26, 2003 -- IRONIC detachment and pet cartoons don't win ball games. The New Yorker softball team was soundly trounced 11-6 Tuesday night in Central Park by the rag-tag squad from Harper's, led by literary editor Ben Metcalf, writer Jacob Silverstein and book review editor Jennifer Szalai. The New Yorker fielded Talk of the Town editor Nick Paumgarten, writer Hendrick Hertzberg and cartoonist Michael Crawford. The winners graciously paid for the drinks later at Tap-A-Keg on Broadway and 104th Street.


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