Friday, June 20, 2003

Wha' Happened? (the a-political issue)

Today's news in Pitchfork addresses an issue of concern that came up last weekend.

Grrl rockers extraordinaire Sleater Kinney are opening for Pearl Jam??
Pitchfork sez:
If this summer's tour itinerary is any indication, "opening for one of the biggest rock acts on the planet" is the new "being so fucking indie it hurts." At least that's what we assume to be the case for Sleater-Kinney taking on the warm-up slot for Pearl Jam. Idlewild and the Buzzcocks have both opened for the Seattle grungedads earlier this summer, proving that, if nothing else, Ed Vedder's heart is in the right place.

Okay, fine, but the arena is not the right place. As "Bubba" (not his real name) in Dallas this weekend pointed out, "I heard them Sleater Kinney girls when they opened up for Pearl Jam. They shore sucked. I couldn't unnerstand a word they say-ed."

I can't really argue too much with that, I would think they sucked if I heard them a Starplex ampitheater too.

But they rocked the house at the 9:30 club a few months ago. And, before any of you men out there start sassing me about grrl rock, I'd like to point out that more men than women were rocking out at that show. By far. I need a bass.


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