Friday, June 06, 2003

Why my boyfriend is alone. very alone.

Kriston has recommended that to pass the time this weekend, I ought to check out a screening of artist Matthew Barney's "Cremaster" series which is playing in my neck of the woods. I knew Barney's films were on the experimental side, but I can handle it. I liked the surrealist Bunuel/Dali films I'd seen, and I tend to have a pretty high tolerance for artistic wonkery, all things considered. Even so, I was a bit wary after reading the synopsis of Cremaster 1 offered by the theater:

On a blue astro-turfed football field, one woman wields mini-Goodyear blimps, while others dance in geometric patterns.

Accompanied by the following still shot:

The Cremaster series will be playing in Austin at Dobie in the upcoming weeks. Anybody want to place bets that K will be attending those gala openings solo?


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