Tuesday, July 15, 2003

Always there to ask the hard questions, Andrew Sullivan is determined to bring these liberals to task for their failure to support gay marriage!

Yes, [Kerry's] position is better than many on the right. But I don't see why liberals should be given a pass on this issue. They need to explain why they support inequality for gays, without a facile resort to broad platitudes - monogamy, child-rearing, etc. - that collapse upon inspection. [emphasis added]

I can only assume that the logic works something like this:
--Democrats are the party of social liberalism and they claim to stick up for the rights of minority groups such as people of color and gays. Therefore, if they support civil unions but waffle on gay marriage, they are lying hypocrites who must be brought to task!
--Republicans never claimed to stick out their necks for anybody, much less a bunch of gays who are trying to take over the world and convert their children to sinful ways, so they should hardly be expected to "explain why they support inequality for gays."

This is the kind of mental and moral acrobatics necessary for Andrew Sullivan to justify his continuing affiliation with the conservative party. It sure sounds tiring to me.

Weird, looks like Kriston and I posted on this at almost the same time. (He beat me by a nose.) What could that possibly mean? Must have something to do with the fact that we are both unbelievably bored at work.


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