Thursday, July 31, 2003

Bouncing Baby

This story, about a woman in Boston giving birth on the T, summarily destroys all my weenie public transportation tales combined. It's also gross, so bonus points there.

Read on, if you dare:
After the train left North Quincy, while crossing the Neponset River around 7:20 a.m., passengers reported hearing a muffled groan. Judge, dressed in a pink velour top and matching skirt, stood in the middle of the fourth car. Suddenly, her water broke.

''At first I thought someone spilled coffee, but it kept dripping,'' said Chin, 32. ''But she stood staring out the window ... I started doubting what I saw.''

About 90 seconds later, Chin said, ''I saw a head, then full baby fall out from her skirt, hit the floor sideways and slide the length of the doorway, stopping when he bumped up against the next row of seats. Still she stared out the window. Either she didn't know it happened or didn't want to acknowledge it.''

Judge bent down, picked up the baby and wrapped it in her scarf, Chin said.

People were vomiting from witnessing the birth. I think what would have done me in would be watching her pass the placenta on the platform. She simply stooped, picked up the afterbirth, put it in her shoulderbag, and continued up the stairs.

This woman dropped a baby like I drop my bus pass.


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