Friday, July 18, 2003

Foiled intern makes good as diplomat

Flak magazine singlehandedly made my decision to get out of bed this morning worthwhile, by putting up this little gem today. You surely remember the exploits of Paul Kelly Tripplehorn, Jr. and his torrid intern affair, no? Flak was quick to note that this young man's sense of tact and his unique rhetorical skills are a perfect match for the current administration's Foreign Service. Imagine with us, if you will, Ambassador Paul Kelly Tripplehorn, Jr., and his correspondence with foreign dignitaries (they parody the entire original e-mail, whereas my previous post only highlighted bits of it. You can find the original in its entirety here ):

From: Ambassador Paul Kelly Tripplehorn Jr. []

To: Queen Beatrix, Head of State, The Netherlands

Subj: Add'l revisions to draft version of NATO charter amendment 4.919 (you suck)

Dear Queen Beatrix,

As of this afternoon, I was planning on ruining your country by making phone calls to all of President Bush's parents friends and have you blackballed from the North Atlantic Treaty Organization as well as every prestigous multilateral institution in the world, but then (lucky for you) I decided not to do that because you are a sad sad country and I will just let your international ties self destruct right before my eyes.... [more]


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