Friday, July 18, 2003

Hey all you editors and editrixes! Editrices! Whatever!
Blow the dust of that style guide in the locked-up classroom of your mind, and take The Economist's Style Quiz! [Disclaimer: I only followed this link because the thought of the Economist quizzing me on Marc Jacobs and Balenciaga had me snorting coffee through my nose. It's, like, writing style. Get it?]

I got a 9 out of 12, but shoulda had a 10. Damn hyphen rule, I knew that one. I also inadvertantly did well on Americanisms. [they're bad, per The Economist] Screwed up "tone" as well, but any faithful readers of this humble blog shouldn't be surprised at that. I'm sure you'll all get stunningly perfect scores, and I'm just so proud of each and every one of you! Now go forth and edit.


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