Monday, July 07, 2003

Of Thee I Sing
A Play in One Act

The Place: The National Mall, Washington DC
The Time: July 4, pre-fireworks
The Players: One family from "The South," one local African-American family

Act I, Scene I
As the curtains rise, we see groups of people bedecked in patriotic colors resting on blankets. They have coolers, glow-sticks, bottles of water at their sides. The lighting should reflect twilight, the clothing should indicate a hot, sultry day in mid-summer. In the center of the stage are two families. Members of the JONES family are wearing typical tourist gear: American flag jogging suits, fanny packs, colorful shorts, and witty t-shirts that say "You Don't Know Me; Federal Witness Protection Program." Ha ha, those always slay me. The JACKSON family is a black family, long-time residents of D.C., and their dress should be casual and unremarkable. The families should pantomime talking; the scene begins mid-conversation.

JONES: Yeah, so this is our first trip up here to Washington.
JACKSON: And how are you enjoying your visit? What do you think of D.C. so far?
JONES (frowning):'s okay. There's a little too much.......diversity for our taste.


[DISCLAIMER: I'm totally for real. I could not have made that up.]


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