Wednesday, July 23, 2003

This is so very unfair. SO UNFAIR! Why, why, WHY does New York get to have EVERYTHING? It was a minute consolation that at least they also had crap Mexican food. But look at this. The Times is reporting on the rise of Taquerias throughout the boroughs of New York. These look like the real, deal my friends. Little stands in the back of grocery stores, food served on paper plates, barbacoa. The most popular Tex-Mex restaurant here in DC is three-stories high and has white linen tablecloths and folded cloth napkins origami-style at your place. And their strawberry margaritas taste like cherry jolly ranchers dipped in motor oil. I have found a little mom-and-pop Mexican place near my house, but it's no taqueria.

You know, I'm not convinced that there are no taquerias in DC. There is a large hispanic population, it's just a lot of them are Salvadorean. And it's not like taquerias are going to have websites or be featured on the Dining Guides that I usually peruse. So I just need to get off my duff and start exploring some of these neighborhoods. There have got to be some decent tacos al pastor in this town. I realize it is quite irritating to constantly here texpatriates moaning and groaning about the lack of Mexican food, and I had pretty much given it up, but if NEW F'ING YORK has taquerias, then we have no excuses.

Dios mio.


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