Wednesday, July 09, 2003

tres cool!

My little banners at the top of my blog just went into a foreign language!
I'm so Euro!
Now I'm only one glittery halter top and one pair of J-Lo shades away from Eurotrash!

(for those of you who are wondering why the quality of my bloggish musings has plummeted into pulp, I can offer an explanation. I really really want to post about some potential good news, but I don't want to jinx anything so I keep coming to my blog, and writing about crap. We should know more within a week. Stay tuned for The Rapture. Which is also the name of a cool band. Washington Social Club is also the name of a band who is probably cool, and who I will check out on Friday if I don't go see Guided By Voices at their outdoor show on Pennsylvania Ave. Which is the name of the street on which I work. Which is equidistant from the White House and the Capitol. Which means that the president and his entourage are always getting in my way. Which is always a delightful, inspirational occurence, dear FBI censors.)


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